Recent Engagements


Recent engagements undertaken by Aperio Associates, and its Founders & Principals, include the following:

Consulting & Advisory Services

Aperio Associates participated in an evaluation of the leasing market of a South Asian country for an international development bank, and to identify possible investment opportunities and investment vehicles.

Evaluation of the use by financial institutions and the Public, and its effectiveness, of the National Movable Asset Registry in an East African country, in the extension of short and medium-term commercial credit to micro and small enterprises.

One of our Principals, along with local legal expertise, drafted a Regulatory & Supervisory Policies & Procedures Manual for the Central Bank, focused on non-bank leasing companies over which the Bank has regulatory & supervisory responsibilities.

This is the second item's accordion body. It is One of our Principals headed a team of local experts to develop a policy framework designed to accelerate the growth of financial leasing in an East African Country, including recommendations for adding and amending laws and regulations that apply to the financial leasing industry and to lease transactions.

Assisted in the preparation of a strategic plan, including recommendations for establishing additional short and medium-term facilities for short-term post-harvest financing and medium-term mechanization financing.

As part of an inter-disciplinary team, one of our Principals helped the Central Bank of a rapidly industrializing country in East Africa to draft a new Lease Proclamation governing financial leasin g. Financial leasing is becoming a critical means for financing the acquisition of capital equipment by local businesses.

Some West African countries are encouraging small-scale miners to organize themselves into legal entities, allowing commercial lenders to offer them credit. We are collaborating with mining associations and local banks to developing leasing products targeted at small-scale mining operations that are both attractive to potential lessees as well as protecting the interests of potential lessors.

We conducted a number of meetings with leasing industry players, reviewed the national statistics as well as relevant laws and regulations that apply to leasing, with the objective of identifying possible investment opportunities in the leasing industry.

We met with several financial institutions, to assess how they were using the recently-established movable asset registry in their credit and underwriting processes, as well as in development of loan products

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