New Products & Services


Aperio Associates is in the process of adding new versions of its products and services in an interactive on-line format.   This feature will allow our clients to take advantage of our products and services in a manner that fits their particular needs, including:

  • In today's environment, remote learning and professional meetings have become a necessity.
  • Remote learning, along with the ability to acquire a basket of specific commercial finance skills, provides clients with enhanced flexibility on how best to utilize our products & services.
  • We offer maximum flexibility on pricing, from fixed amounts for specific "how-to" videos, to larger amounts for seminars and workshops tailored to the customer's specific needs.

We continue to be available for in-person workshops and seminars, as well as coaching.

All of our products and services are typically used by experienced commercial finance professionals.  All products and services are offered in what we call a "story format," using actual examples as a means to show our clients how to apply sophisticated skills expected of commercial finance professionals.

Examples of our workshops and seminars include the following:

  • Structuring and Pricing of Commercial Loan and Lease Transactions
  • Development of Commercial Loan and Lease Products
  • Use of Commercial Finance Documents
  • Credit Analysis With Limited Financial Information
  • Underwriting Commercial Loan and Lease Transactions

Our products and services are offered in ways that fit the needs of commercial finance companies as well as individual professionals, including:

  • Short (15 - 30 minutes) video clips on specific commercial finance skills, at a fixed price available for download
  • Full courses covering specific aspects of commercial finance, at a fixed price available for download
  • Consultations on Zoom©, or similar video conferencing software, covering specific subjects at the client's request, billed at an hourly rate
  • Workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of the client, held either on-line or in person
  • Individual or group coaching, held on-line

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