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    Aperio Associates Develops Framework for Underwriting and Quick Approval For SME Financings

    Aperio Associates has developed a framework that allows financial institutions to use easily available credit criteria, allowing lenders and lessors to make quick and accurate credit decisions, without relying on financial information that most SME's cannot provide.

    The Problem -

    • SME access to commercial credit is often limited by the information requirements from the financial institution, such as audited financial statements, that SME's don't have.
    • For the financial institutions, the potential income earned from smaller transactions don't cover the cost of underwriting.
    • Nevertheless, the SME market represent a large opportunity for financial institutions.

    The Solution -

    • Utilize increasing availability of historical cash flow, from electronic payment systems for example, combined with standard credit parameters, to develop a decision framework  that will result in quick and accurate credit decisions.

    How it Works -

    • The financial institution enters into the framework their standard credit criteria.
    • The financial institution enters into the framework  information from the customer,   including cash flows from electronic payment systems, existing borrowings, and other information

    • The Result -
    • Quick and accurate credit decisions, without the cost of manual credit evaluation.

    Aperio Associates will - Assist the financial institution in incorporating the framework into its existing credit and underwriting system; assist the financial institution in incorporating standard credit parameters into the framework; assist in adjusting the framework based on credit performance, type of transactions, and other factors.

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