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Who We Are & What We Offer - Aperio Associates brings together commercial finance professionals with decades of World-wide experience in commercial and Islamic finance.  

What is Commercial Finance? - Commercial finance is financing directed at businesses.   Commercial finance consists of the following:

  • All types of loan products used by businesses, including factoring, lending against accounts receivable, financial leasing and property loans.
  • Regulation and supervision covering financial institutions engaging in commercial finance.
Aperio's services for commercial finance institutions, as well as, commercial finance professionals, include:
  • Commercial finance workshops and seminars for employees of financial institutions.
  • Consulting services for financial institutions engaged in commercial finance.
  • Individual and group coaching for commercial finance professionals.

Our services are available both singly, and in combination, given remotely or in person.  Additional information is found using the links below:

  • Please click here or examples of our workshops and seminars.  
  • Please click here for descriptions of recent engagements.
  • Please click here for our new course offerings that may be delivered both remotely or in person.

Potential beneficiaries of our products & services include:

  • Financial institutions engaging in commercial finance that may be considering adding business lines or desiring to improve their skills.
  • Financial institutions considering adding commercial finance products to its existing business lines.
  • Commercial finance professionals who would like to improve their commercial finance skills.
  • Commercial Finance regulators and supervisors.
  • Service providers such as lawyers and accountants, whose practices include commercial finance.    

In all cases. Aperio is committed to improving the ability of the Commercial Finance Industry to better serve its customers.

We regularly publish news of our activities, as well as other items of interest for professoinals in the Commercial Finance Industry, on our Facebook and LikedIn Pages.   Links to our Facebook and LinkedIn Pages can be found below.

We look forward to being of service.

Yours truly,

Robert Teichman
Robert Homans
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague, Matthew Troniak.   The past 11 years Matthew was a collaborator and author of the Focused Toolkit on Islamic Leasing ("Ijarah") for the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit, co-authored by the Founders of Aperio Associates.
Matt Troniak was an internationally-recognized expert on SME, Agricultural, and Islamic Banking & Finance.    In addition to being Managing Director and Executive Director of banks, Matt was Executive Director of a $100 million venture capital fund, Matt held management positions in a number of international donor-funded projects in the Balkans, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.   Matt was active in developing Islamic Financial and Insurance ("Takeful") Programs, as well as leading seminars and workshops covering all aspects of SME, Agricultural and Islamic Finance.    The Focused Toolkit on Islamic Leasing, that Matt authored as part of the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit, was the first extensive treatment of Islamic Leasing ever offered.    In addition to developing a certification program in Agricultural Finance, Matt has trained over 150 finance professionals in the Middle East and North and Sub-Saharan Africa in setting up and managing SME, Agricultural and Islamic lending units within their financial institutions.
Matt will be greatly missed by everyone with whom he worked.
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