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Our Consulting Services


Aperio Associates' consulting services are an extension of our seminars and training.    Consulting services and Aperio's seminars and training can be offered separately or in combination with each other.    Seminars and training can serve as a useful introduction to our consulting services.   Consulting services offer the client a more detailed and focused product than is possible in a seminar or training environment.   

We describe our consulting services as a "full life-cycle" approach to taking full advantage of opportunities in commercial finance, and can include:

  • Assistance in developing loan, lease, agriculture and Islamic financing products:
  • Hands-on assistance in starting a commercial finance company, either as a stand-alone entity or as part of an existing financial services company

For example, Aperio's "full life-cycle" approach to the development of commercial loan, lease, agriculture, and Islamic finance products includes the following:


Full "end to end" description of each loan or lease product, including:

  • Identification of potential borrowers
  • Market potential of each loan and lease product
  • Profit potential of each loan and lease product
  • Term structure of each loan and lease product
  • Credit criteria and underwriting requirements
  • Credit procedures, including psychometric credit tools where applicable
  • Documentation requirements for each loan and lease product
  • Internal processes for each loan and lease product


  • Marketing plans and sales strategies for each loan and lease product
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation of policies & procedures manuals

Focus on Specialty Markets:

  • Financing for agricultural enterprises and agribusinesses
  • Financing for medical practitioners
  • Financing energy-saving equipment
  • Micro-finance