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Our Consulting Services

Aperio Associates' consulting services are an extension of our seminars and training.    Consulting services and Aperio's seminars and training can be offered separately or in combination with each other.    Seminars and training can serve as a useful introduction to our consulting services.   Seminars and training can also be offered to complement our consulting services.

We provide business consulting services focused on the commercial finance industry in the following areas, including examples:

Strategic Consulting
Financial Re-structuring
In emerging markets, finding reliable sources of funding for financial services companies can be difficult and changes in financial markets can often imperil the financial condition of financial institutions operating in these markets. For example, we are advising a National Bank in an East African country in the financial re-structuring of several partly State-owned finance companies that are focused on providing financing to small and micro-enterprises.
Establishing a Commercial Finance Company
Economic growth in emerging markets often create opportunities for establishing new financial service companies. For example, we are advising an investment group considering establishing a commercial finance entity in southern Africa.
Business Expansions
Established finance companies often see the opportunity to expand their services. For example, we helped an existing commercial finance company in a country in SE Europe establish a leasing program targeted at small farming operators, and also provided follow-up training for their staff.
Business Support
Professional Certification Programs
Aperio can offer either external professional certification programs, open to all professionals working in one or more aspects of the commercial financial industry, or internal professional programs for a single company. In either case our professional certification programs include:
  • Concept Development
  • Training & Training Materials
  • Manuals
  • Exams & Exam Protocols
Product Development
As successful finance companies expand, they always require development of new loan products. We assisted the design of lease products focused on specific markets for an independent lessor in the Peoples’ Republic of China.
Development of Business Plans
New finance companies, as well as existing finance companies planning expansions often, as a way to acquire an outside perspective, ask independent advisors to help develop business plans. We developed a business plan for an Eastern European distributor of agricultural equipment that was considering establishing a finance company to help facilitate equipment sales.
Preparation & Review of Policies and Procedures Manuals
A complete Policies & Procedures Manual should govern the management and operations of any finance company. We have drafted new Policies & Procedures Manuals, and reviewed existing ones, for a variety of commercial finance companies globally.
Business Support for Regulators & Supervisors
Development of Business Processes for Regulators and Supervisors
We have developed businesses processes for regulators & supervisors in countries in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East & Sub-Saharan Africa.
Preparation of Laws and Regulations Governing Commercial Finance
We have drafted lease decrees and other laws governing commercial finance for countries of the former Soviet Union, the Balkans & Southeast Asia.