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Aperio Associates
Newsletter No. 2

Regulation & Supervision of Financial Services Providers – More Isn’t Necessarily Better

When financial services providers consider whether or not to enter new markets, increasingly the existing and future regulatory and supervisory environment has become the major consideration.   Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, the reaction of Governments around the world has often been to tighten regulatory and supervisory regimes for all market participants, not just those whose failure might pose a systemic risk. Read More 

Aperio Associates
Newsletter No. 1

Use of Advanced Credit Scoring Techniques by Conventional Lenders

Conventional lenders, including commercial banks, are increasingly incorporating what are called “psychometric” credit scoring techniques into their credit evaluation and underwriting procedures for small business (SME) loans.    These loans usually only require that the borrower complete an application.  Application only, or “App. Only” loans, based largely on the Fair Isaac Score (“FICO”)® score(s) of the principal owner(s) have been used extensively in the United States for at least 25 years, with mixed results.  Read More ⇨