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Links & Useful Resources



The following links and resources contain useful information for commercial finance professionals, regulators & supervisors, as well as financial practitioners generally:

Useful Links:

IFC Global Leasing Toolkit - Co-authored by the 3 Principals of Aperio Associates, under contract with the International Finance Corporation, the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to starting and operating a leasing entity.   A link to the Introduction of the Toolkit can be found
here.    In addition to standard leasing subjects the Toolkit contains 4 "Focused Toolkits:" Leasing of Agricultural Equipment; Leasing of Sustainable Energy Equipment; Regulatory and Supervisory Matters Applying to Lessors Globally; Islamic Leasing ("Ijarah").   The Introduction contains a complete description of the contents of the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit.    Copies of the Toolkit are available, in either book form or in a downloadable cd/rom, by contacting IFC directly here.

Useful Resources:

Financial Tools & Spreadsheets - Professor Ashwath Damodaran of the NYU Stern School of Business has developed a number of useful spreadsheets covering many aspects of corporate finance including a
capital budgeting model.   A full list of the tools and spredsheets can be found here.