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Recent Engagements

Aperio Associates and its Founders and Principals have undertaken consulting engagements for financial institutions, as well as training and seminars, globally, including but not limited to the following, starting with the most recent:
Leasing Workshops for Employees of the Development Bank of Ethiopia - Nine 2-day workshops on financial leasing, over a 3 1/2 week period in mid 2017, for approximately 200 professonials from the Development Bank of Ethiopia.   The workshops were held in Addis Ababa, as well as Adama, Ethiopia, in conjunction with a $200 million loan extended by the World Bank to the Central Bank of Ethiopia.  Loan proceeds will be used by the Development Bank of Ethiopia to fund financial leasing transactions for small & medium-sized enterprises in Ethiopia.
Largest Independent Leasing Company in the Peoples Republic of China - Aperio was engaged to conduct workshops with key Company personnnel at their Head Office in Beijing, to assist the Company in developing new leasing products, incorporating new and existing leasing products into their risk management policies, and to help develop a management accounting system to allow the Company to better evaluate the performance of each Department and each product.   The workshops made extensive use of the case studies and examples contained in the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit (see below).
Islamic Banking & Insurance (Takeful) Training for Bank Employees - A one week training program designed to familiarize bank employees with the rapidly expanding Islamic Banking and Insurance Markets.    Over 100 bank employees, as well as officials of bank regulatory and supervisory agencies, were trained in various types of commercial transactions allowed under Shariah Law as well as training in the market for Islamic Bonds (Sukuk) which are increasingly important source of funding supporting Islamic banking operations.
Establishment of a Specialty Commercial Finance Company - The lending activity was targeted at Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises engaged in the manufacture and sale of food & beverage and personal care products.   Most transaction sizes were between $50,000 and $1 million.
Central Bank of Liberia & The National Investment Commission of Liberia - Provided assistance in the development of a leasing market in Liberia, through workshops with bank employees as well as workshops and advisory services covering regulatory and supervisory matters for employees of the Central Bank as well as the National Investment Commission of Liberia.
3 Day Training in Agricultural Finance, Peoples' Republic of China - Attendees included over 140 employees of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), as well as bank employees, suppliers of agricultural equipment, and representatives of international donors from several East and Southeast Asian countries.    The objective of the training was to familiarize CBRC employees with credit and underwriting procedures designed to improve access to credit for farming operators.
3 Day Training in Agricultural Finance, Abuja, Nigeria - Attendees included personnel from the the Agricultural Bank of Nigeria as well as Member Companies of the Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria.
Development of Lending Products Targeted at Small Farming Operations - The consulting engagement included devising 6 lending products to be used by 4 regional banks and credit unions targeted at small agricultural operations, including short-term pre and post-harvest financing, purchase-order financing, financing for small livestock producers, equipment financing for small-scale farming equipment.   The Project include a loan product using warehouse receipts as a form of collateral for post-harvest financing.

 IFC Global Leasing Toolkit - Produced by the Founders and Principals of Aperio Associates under a contract with the International Finance Corp. (part of the World Bank Group), the IFC Global Leasing Toolkit offers a complete guide to starting up and running a leasing entity.   The Toolkit contains chapters on setting up and managing a leasing entity, including a business plan template, funding options for a leasing entity and individual lease transactions, lease origination including marketing and sales strategies and pricing of lease transactions, leasing company management including credit & risk management, lease documentation and insurance, accounting and information technology.    The Toolkit also contains 4 "Focused Toolkits" covering financing of agricultural equipment, financing energy saving equipment, Islamic leasing ("Ijarah") and regulatory and supervisory issues affecting leasing entites.    The focused toolkit on Ijara was, to the best of our knowledge, the first extensive treatment of this subject.

Certified Leasing Specialist (CLS) Program For Ukraine & Moldova - The Project involved establishing the first professional certification program for leasing professionals outside of North America.   The Project included devising a curriculum for training sessions covering all aspects of equipment leasing, training the trainers, developing exam protocols, establishing a relationship with the Certified Leasing Professional Foundation in the US, as one of the certifying bodies, and setting up an NGO responsible for the on-going implementation of the Program.   As of early 2017 over 500 leasing professionals in Ukraine, Moldova and, recently, Belarus, have received certification as Certified Leasing Specialists.

Leasing Department Personnel Training - 5-day training workshop for 30-person in-house leasing department for a major US-based international manufacturer of IT and copier equipment. This department dealt with all equipment leased from others for the use of the manufacturer. In the workshop we trained the personnel in how to negociate and work with outside lessors.