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Professionals in a meeting


Who We Are & What We Offer - Aperio Associates brings together financial professionals with decades of World-wide experience in commercial and Islamic finance.   Aperio's services include:
  • Commercial finance workshops and seminars for employees of financial institutions;
  • Consulting services for financial institutions
  • Individual and group coaching for financial service professionals

Our services are available both singly, and in combination.   Please click here or examples of our workshops and seminars.   Please click here for descriptions of recent engagements.

Who Can Benefit? - In addition to the Financial Services Industry and financial service professionals, Aperio Associates offers its full suite of services to:

  • Financial service regulators and supervisors
  • Service providers such as lawyers and accountants, whose practices include commercial finance.    

In all cases. Aperio is committed to improving the ability of the Commercial Finance Industry to better serve its customers.

We regularly publish newsletters covering items of interest for the Commercial Finance Industry.   Our latest newsletter, dated January 24, 2017, entitled "Regulation & Supervision of Financial Services Providers – More Isn’t Necessarily Better," can be found here.

We look forward to being of service.

Yours truly,

Robert Teichman
Robert Homans